Field and lab trials

OUR SKILLS : field trials under GEP and GLP – laboratory trials

With a thirty year experience, Promo-Vert has been working on quite all the crops present in Europe, either for efficacy trials or for residue trials, including some tropical crops for a very large range of trials.

Herbicide trials on all kinds of crops:

– Annual crops : wheat, barley, rice, maize, potatoes, oil seed rape, sugar beet, cotton, sunflower, soya bean, peas, horse bean, sorgho.
– Perennial crops : vines, pome fruit, stone fruit, olives, citrus, banana
– Non-agricultural crops : nurseries, forest, parks and gardens, non-crop areas.

Fungicide trials on all kinds of crops and diseases:

– Foliar diseases on annual and perennial crops
– Soil diseases and seed borne diseases with seed treatment trials
– Under artificial infestation with or without misty spraying as downy mildew on vine, late blight on potato, bacterial disease on tomato (non exhaustive list)

Insecticide trials on the main insects present on the European crops :

– All kind of insects on perennial and annual crops
– Trials on mites, orchards, vegetables
– Nematicide and molluscicide trials under natural or artificial conditions
– On greenhouse crops for thrips, white fly, aphid, mites

Trials with growing agents: fertilizers, biostimulants :

– On the crops previously described, Promo-Vert has developed specific testing protocols for those products either applied as seed treatments or as foliar spraying or by the drip irrigation system.

Other trial types: seed testing, demonstration platform trials:

-Seed variety testing trials are available for maize, sunflower, soyabean, oil seed rape and cereals according to official testing methods (CTPS in France)
-Demonstration platforms are regularly set up on a single crop to test different products or on different crops to test a single plant protection products in order to be visited by distributors, retailers or farmers to promote the tested products.

Processing studies:

– For olive oil, wine, fruit juice (tomato, orange, apple) and the corresponding taint tests.

Residue studies according to Good Laboratory Practices:

Promo-Vert is in capacity to offer the Studydirectorship for all kind of studies: physical and chemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological studies in relation with GLP analytical facilities, residue studies with the field part done in house.
– Residue in crop, soil and water; DFR and OPEX; post harvest residue studies. The analytical facility is chosen in accordance with the Sponsor.

Spraying equipment and agricultural machinery

– Spraying is done with spray boom, hose or with backpack sprayer
– Our agricultural machinery counts with precision planters equipped with spraying systems for soil treatment applications, seed treatment machine, laboratory threshers, combine harvesters for micro plot harvest, soil corer with hammer.

Data capture and data exploitation

Promo-Vert is equipped with hardened laptops suitable to capture data in the fields directly on ARM (Agriculture Research Manager), a specific software dedicated to field trials.
– Market gardening (under greenhouse or openfield) : vegetables, small fruits.

OUR STRENGHTS : reactivity – professionalism – communication


Promo-Vert is in condition to answer about the feasibility of any demand in one week or less if required.

Professionalism with skilled teams, technicians and engineers:

Regularly trained to update his scientific knowledge, each technician knows perfectly his local environment conditions to find the most adapted field location for his trials.

Monitoring of trials and reports with project managers

The project managers located in different European countries are chosen according to their skills for the programs they have to manage European locations in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy with proper personnel and in other countries through preferred contractors, recognized professionals and laboratories covering the 3 European Zones.

Global turnkey projects for getting the corresponding searched sales authorizations.